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  • First study of its kind reveals catching the bus achieves half the Government recommended daily exercise.
  • Daily bus users clock up annual equivalent of 11 marathons.
  • Regular bus travel beats car driving for better health benefits.
  • Daily short walk to and from bus stop and destination can burn 22,630 calories per year.
  • The simple act of taking a journey by bus can help achieve half the Government recommended 30 minute of exercise per day, according to a study released today.


   The study investigated the health benefits of walking as part of the bus journey.

   The 100 participants recorded their steps with a pedometer when travelling the same journey by bus and by car.

   Steps were recorded ‘door to door’; to accurately compare distances walked to and from the bus or car as part of the journey.

   Data from the 424 journeys found that participants averaged a daily walking distance of nearly 1.3km when taking a return

   journey by bus (two trips), 2.5 times more than when taking the car.

   The study comes at a time when the Government now advises that short bursts of activity can add up to form the

   recommended 30 minute, five times a week healthy exercise.




5 Best Nits of Advice for Surviving Long Bus Trips

Bus journeys have somewhat fallen out of favor as a way to travel, but there’s still plenty of adventure to be had if you know

how to survive long bus trips.


1. Travel At Night

If you can, travel at night, that way you’ll be able to sleep better on the bus.

If you can, travel at night, that way you’ll be able to sleep better on the bus.

Pack a blanket and a blow up neck pillow, to make sure that you’re as comfortable as you can be.

If you haven’t got a pillow, roll up a jumper and lean on that.




Bring books, an iPod, your smartphone, e-reader, tablet, and anything else that will keep you busy on the bus.

Some buses have free Wi-Fi so you can surf to your heart’s content, and not worry about the cost.

ust make sure that everything is fully charged before you go.



Take some filling snacks.

Nuts, cereal bars, and fruit are good options.

Don’t forget to pack plenty to drink too.



Bus toilets and service stops are not the most luxurious of places.

Often they are out of toilet tissue and they never smell great.

Take plenty of tissue and a little pot of hand sanitizer;

that way you will feel much cleaner after being in there.



If you have to change buses you don’t want to be lugging a massive and awkward bag around.

You can store the suitcase under the bus too, so that it doesn’t get in the way of your leg room.

Bring a small bag for the bus.