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Starting March 24, 2017, we will have daily trips from Cubao to Tiwi, Albay via Tigaon, Sangay, Ocampo, Patitinan, Joroan, and vice versa. Schedule of departure from Cubao is 7:00PM. Schedule of departure from Tiwi is 3:00PM.


  • First study of its kind reveals catching the bus achieves half the Government recommended daily exercise.
  • Daily bus users clock up annual equivalent of 11 marathons.
  • Regular bus travel beats car driving for better health benefits.
  • Daily short walk to and from bus stop and destination can burn 22,630 calories per year.
  • The simple act of taking a journey by bus can help achieve half the Government recommended 30 minute of exercise per day, according to a study released today.


   The study investigated the health benefits of walking as part of the bus journey.

   The 100 participants recorded their steps with a pedometer when travelling the same journey by bus and by car.

   Steps were recorded ‘door to door’; to accurately compare distances walked to and from the bus or car as part of the journey.

   Data from the 424 journeys found that participants averaged a daily walking distance of nearly 1.3km when taking a return

   journey by bus (two trips), 2.5 times more than when taking the car.

   The study comes at a time when the Government now advises that short bursts of activity can add up to form the

   recommended 30 minute, five times a week healthy exercise.